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President's Message 2024 #1

Welcome to CAOAC

It is a real privilege to serve as your President for this term.

Aquarium keeping hasn't been without its challenges due to worldwide events and pressures from different fronts. Conservation groups and government agencies have presented challenges like never before.

It is part of the CAOAC mission to provide guidelines for all aquarium enthusiasts to not only keep pace and aware of changing laws, but also, and perhaps more importantly, to highlight the broader contributions of our hobby including educational opportunities.

As awareness about the environment and a new culture regarding natural resources emerges, it is more important than ever to become proactive players in the aquarium hobby.

I feel all of our member clubs play a key role in helping to further these objectives at the regional level  by offering aquarium keeping education throughout all their programs and events.

As President of CAOAC in 2024, I believe that collective greatness stems from the power of community and reaching out to the grassroots of our member clubs. Join us in sharing your ideas to foster new meaningful, innovative relationships with CAOAC and between clubs that drive progress locally, nationally and beyond.

Frank Aguirre, President

Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs


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