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The CAOAC "the binder" received its name, because in its original format, the bursting an over 4" binder which was converted to digital file for ease and efficiency.


This resource was created over the years by CAOAC club representatives, executive and committee chairs, and is continuously updated based on discussions raised in general meetings. Today the information is available digitally and throughout this website.

Thank you to all who contributed to the original documentation. Without all your hard work, this wouldn’t be what it is today.​


The CAOAC bylaws outlines:

Roles, responsibilities, CAOAC corporate charter, and guide to changing from current bylaws.

Click "Constitution" button to view.


Click "Violence & Harassment Policy" button to view this addendum.



May 19, 2019 - A Motion was passed at the Annual Meeting, to indicate a quorum for an Executive meeting is to consist of 3 members rather than majority, as previously indicated.


June 22, 2014 - A motion was passed to indicate In order to hold a position on the executive or committee chair or committee member of CAOAC you must be a member through either a CAOAC club or a CAOAC private membership.

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