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November 2019 President’s Message

Happy Fall!

The show season is now almost over, and we are into our breeding programs for the next spring show season.

This fall we have been trying to make some big changes at CAOAC. As you read this, you will see our brand new website. It is a new design from our webmaster Carolina. She has worked very long and hard to bring this to you. She wants to hear all comments about what you want to see on the website. In the near future we will be bringing back the CAOAC members forum. This website will be a constant work in progress and will evolve as needed.

We want to make the true gateway to all of our clubs and also for our members. Check it out frequently and it will change!

CAOAC executive works very hard behind the scenes to make your hobby experience fun and worry free.

If you would like to see what we really do, come on out to a meeting and sit in. Your presence is always welcome.

You will also see our Facebook page evolve to a more informative page to catch all the breaking news.

I wish you all a pleasant fall. Enjoy!


Nancy Egelton

President, CAOAC


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