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CAOAC Meeting Minutes - Oct 20, 2023

Executive CAOAC Meeting Date: Friday, October 20, 2023 Meeting Time: 7h30pm (EDT); Zoom

Topics: Welcome; Revisiting the CAOAC Insurance Draw; Creating an Agenda and Planning the General Meeting; Constitution Questions & Revision Discussion; Adjournment. Item 1: Revisiting the CAOAC Insurance Draw

Some concerns had arisen about whether the draw initiative agreed to in the first Executive meeting would be inclusive/equitable for all CAOAC clubs if it were limited to only clubs which take insurance through CAOAC. The amount paid out for insurance also varies with the number of paid members which varies from club to club even among those who take insurance. Some clubs hold their meetings in locations which dictate that insurance must be paid through that facility, and in other cases, insurance cannot be held by a carrier out of province. These latter clubs do not have the option of choosing to participate in CAOAC insurance. Different executives proposed alternative ideas to remedy these issues. The treasurer stated that the problem with late fees was not limited to those clubs which take insurance, but also clubs paying for CAOAC memberships late. It was decided and supported by a subsequent, unanimous Executive vote that CAOAC would award a fixed amount of $150 in a draw consisting of all clubs which turn in completed membership forms and all fees due by December 15/23. This would include clubs which only take CAOAC membership as well as clubs which also take insurance through CAOAC. This revised draw would include all CAOAC member clubs across Canada, and the winning club would receive a fixed prize, irrespective of whatever the size of the club membership is, versus the original plan of including only clubs that take insurance and paying for the insurance fee for the winning club which varies from club to club. A vote was taken of the Executive present and it was decided to proceed with this idea. The motion passed with Ann Marie Towell (2nd vice-president, CAOAC; CAS), Ernest Biktimirov (First Vice President CAOAC, SCAAS); Dave Holland (Recording Secretary, Caoac; PRAC); Michael Beat (Webmaster, CAOAC; PRAC), and Albert van Montfort (Treasurer, CAOAC; DRAS) supporting the motion. (Note: President does not have a vote, unless there is as tie that must be broken; and, one member of the Executive was absent)

Item 3: Financial Update

Albert van Montfort, Treasurer, stated he had sent out the Membership/Insurance forms to the clubs and had broadly discussed an incentive plan for prompt payment and return of the forms. Dave Holland was to follow up with a detailed email explaining the draw.

It was mentioned that Nancy Egelton, President TCGG, wished to purchase not only a CAOAC membership for the TransCanada Guppy Group, but also insurance this year.

Item 4: Creating an Agenda and Planning the General Meeting

After consultation with the Executive and the Past President, it was decided not to hold the first General CAOAC Meeting in conjunction with the KWAS Octoberfish Auction as the auction tends to draw away any interest in attending the meeting, and it presents time zone difficulties for members wishing to attend from afar by Zoom.

The Executive set the CAOAC General Meeting for November 7, 2023 at 7h30pm (EST).

Ernest Biktimirov suggested we create an agenda for the upcoming general meeting and an agenda framework was created as a group effort.

Item 5: Constitution Questions & Revision Discussion

Questions arose about specifics outlined in the Constitution of CAOAC as well as the need for revision to some aspects of it (eg. references to the CAOAC newsletter now replaced by the CAOAC website). It was decided it would be best to review the Constitution and plan all revisions for one meeting. Dave Holland promised to email the current copy of the Constitution to all Executives.

Questions were also raised about updating the procedure online at which outlines how clubs should proceed to make a proposal to host a CAOAC Convention. The Executive has decided to begin work on updating this section.

Item 6: Adjournment

Frank Aguirre, President, adjourned the meeting at 8h45pm (EDT - TORONTO)

Attendees: Frank Aguirre (President CAOAC, PRAC); Ernest Biktimirov (First Vice President CAOAC, SCAAS); ; Dave Holland (Recording Secretary, CAOAC; PRAC); Albert van Montfort (Treasurer, CAOAC; DRAS); Michael Beat (Webmaster, CAOAC; PRAC); Ann Marie Towell (2nd vice-president, CAOAC; CAS)

Apologies: Cindy Barrett (Corresponding Secretary, CAOAC; SCAAS)


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