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CAOAC Meeting Minutes - May 17, 2023

General Caoac Meeting

Date: May 17, 2023

Meeting Time: 7:30pm

Venue: Zoom

Topics: Previous Minutes Accepted; Club Business; Change of CAOAC Convention Hotel; CAOAC Convention Developments; Announcement of Next General Meeting

Item 1: Club Business

  • DRAS Annual Social Dinner, May 20 features Spencer Jack at Toronto Zoo; fish room tour; dinner; presentation, auction; tickets $50 available at

  • Aquarium Society of Winnipeg: new larger venue for meetings at 90 Ashland Avenue (seating 150 people)

  • London Aquaria Society Auction: May 28, Optimist Hall, 1653 Richmond St, Dorchester, ON (doors open at 7:30; auction starts at 10:00)

  • SCAAS General Elections June 12

  • SCAAS will hold a July 1, Canada Day Auction in Niagara Falls, 6990 Stanley Ave at the Columbus Club of Niagara. Sellers have until June 25 to pre-register. Doors open at 8am; auction begins at 10am; free parking.

  • Please inform us of events or happenings at your club at CAOAC meetings or email


  • After months of preparation and reservations in place, due to unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances, the CAOAC Executive was forced to change the Convention Hotel to the Monte Carlo Inn, Brampton, Ontario. This hotel is 10 minutes from the International Centre. Our best planning went into the choice of this replacement hotel. The hotel rate includes parking, and continental breakfast. There is a restaurant on site. A King Room is $149.90; 2 Beds are $169.90

  • A hospitality suite has been organized for Saturday night in the Davis Room

  • The CAOAC Annual General Meeting and Elections will be held in the Bramalee Room Sunday Sept 17/23

Item 3: CAOAC CONVENTION Convention News

Carla MacDonald, Convention Committee:

  • Carla is working with Show Chair, Catherine Salmon to select judges and work out the details of the Show

  • Catherine Salmon would like a volunteer who is proficient using Excel to work on data entry to process all the Show entrants

  • Carla repeated the call for Volunteers - construction crews are needed at Pet Expo for various tasks including setting up tanks (Fish must be in place by Friday at 6pm)

  • CAOAC Clubs are encouraged to set up host tables. Goodwill Ambassadors to talk about your Club.

  • Volunteers Needed for Security: there will be barricades, ropes in place, but people are needed to help watch over the tanks

  • Bagstuffers are needed for exhibitors

A subsequent General CAOAC meeting has been set for June 19 at 7:30 pm to further Convention planning. All Executive will be reminded and invited again via email with the Zoom link.

Adjournment: Nancy Egelton concluded the meeting at approximately 9:10 PM

Attendees: Nancy Egelton (President); Peter DeSouza (First Vice President); Ann Marie Towell (2nd Vice President); Albert van Montfort (Treasurer); Phil Barratt (SCAAS Caoac rep); Carla MacDonald (HDAS Caoac Rep); Derek Hebbes (DRAS Caoac Rep); Michael Beat (PRAC); Catherine Salmon (BBC Caoac Rep); Ken Boorman (CAOAC Convention Show Chairperson); Lisa Boorman (Caoac Facebook Page Admin);

Apologies: Dave Holland (Recording Secretary); Annie Girard (SAM); Lise Durocher (SAM); Unrepresented clubs


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