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CAOAC Meeting Minutes - Jan 25, 2023

Topics: Previous Minutes Approved; Club Insurance; Convention Hotel Reservation; Banquet Format/Hospitality Suite/Caoac AGM Meeting Room Questions; Creation of A Convention Committee & A Caoac Show Committee & Related Importance of Their Inter-Cooperation; The Necessity of A Convention Budget; Announcement of General Caoac Meeting

CAOAC Executive Meeting Minutes

Date: Jan 25, 2023

Meeting Time: 7:30 pm

Venue: Zoom

Item 1: Minutes from Previous Executive Meeting Reviewed & Approved

Item 2: Outstanding uncertainties relating to Club insurance

  • Outstanding uncertainties relating to Club insurance for Caoac Member clubs were confirmed to be primarily resolved. Michael Beat will be assisting Albert van Montfort on some of these matters. Exact numbers of paid memberships from individual clubs is still outstanding in some cases, and may or may not impact on how insurance assesses premiums - to be determined.

Item 3: Convention Hotel Reservation

  • Recall: CAOAC will restart its annual conventions in 2023 under the umbrella of, and alongside, the Aquatic Pet Expo in Mississauga at the International Centre Sept 16/17 of 2023

  • Nancy Egelton outlined in detail the options for Convention accommodations and the offer of the Hotel to reserve a block of 80 rooms for convention attendees (King suite for $135; 2 Queen beds for $145; continental breakfast; secure parking garage; full restaurant facilities; airport shuttle) The hotel stipulates CAOAC may release the rooms back if not sold out 30 days prior to the event. CAOAC Executive found the offer reasonable and approved this block reservation.

Item 4: Banquet Format/Hospitality Suite/AGM Meeting Room Questions

  • The Executive began to discuss the merits of the traditional CAOAC Convention sitdown banquet ($65 per person) versus hors d'oeuvres for a lesser price. The decision would impact on ticket prices. The Convention Hotel offers both options. The buffet $65 and General Convention ticket $15 would cost $80 if this option is selected.

  • The Executive also explored the idea of renting a hospitality suite for a fee. The Executive was reminded of the necessity for a meeting room for the CAOAC AGM (Sunday Sept 17) within this discussion topic. A simple breakfast is typically served to the AGM attendees. The related fees and available options are being explored.

Item 5: Creation of Convention Committee & CAOAC Show Committee - Importance of Inter-Cooperation

  • Caoac Executive determined that both the creation of a Convention Committee and a Show Committee will be required for the Convention. These Committees will have respective chairperson. Ideally, these Committees will be compromised of participants with different abilities and from a broad cross section of Caoac member clubs. A marketing effort to recruit committee members will be part of the Agenda for the February general Caoac meeting. To date, there will be a Transcanada Guppy Show, Betta Breeders Canada Show, Caoac Show, Canadian Biotope Competition and potentially a Flowerhorn Exihibit. A level of coordination and communication is necessary between these events/displays. (N.B.The CAOAC auction will not include the sale of dry goods this year).

  • Nancy Egelton, President, will continue to be the liaison between CAOAC and the involved associate/s of the Aquatic Pet Expo.

  • Discussion about the manner in which the tanks will be displayed revealed that the most desirable approach is very labour intensive/time-consuming as we heard about the first-hand historical experience at the Aquarium Club of Edmonton from 1st vice-president, Peter DeSouza. This approach and the alternatives merit further discussion at the Committee Level.

Item 6: Necessity of A Convention Budget

  • The importance of an Event Budget was highlighted as we weigh banquet and meeting room options and we must bare in mind that tanks will be purchased for the exhibition in varying sizes with the objective of uniformity in presentation in line with Pet Expo and to accommodate different sized fish. The involvement of sponsors will be an important variable.

Item 7: A general CAOAC meeting

  • A general Caoac meeting has been set for Feb. 22/23 at 7h30pm to kickstart Convention planning/committee recruiting and communicate with member clubs nationwide. All Executive will be reminded and invited again via email with the Zoom link. The general Caoac Meeting will be announced on the Caoac Facebook page, Caoac Executive group and shared to all society member Facebook groups. The corresponding secretary will notify individual Club Executives, Caoac Representatives and certain key Convention participants.


Nancy Egelton, CAOAC President, concluded the official meeting at approximately 9:25 PM.

Attendees: Nancy Egelton (President), Peter DeSouza (First Vice President), Cindy Golden (Corresponding Secretary), Dave Holland (Recording Secretary), Ann Marie Towell (2nd Vice President), Lisa Boorman (special guest), Albert van Montfort (Treasurer), Michael Beat (special guest)

Apologies: Carolina Bergles, Webmaster


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