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CAOAC Meeting Minutes - Feb 22, 2023

General CAOAC Meeting Date: Feb 22, 2023 Meeting Time: 7:30 PM Venue: Zoom

Topics: Membership Status; Bilingual Zoom; Convention Hotel Rooms; Convention Committee; Caoac Show Committee; Convention Developments & DRAS Donation

Item 1: Membership Renewal Report Albert Van Montfort: SCAAS paid but membership form outstanding; BBC, SAM, GTA, Thunder Bay no renewal of membership membership; Victoria & Regina Aquarium Association has not renewed since 2021 and no contact. *These clubs will be contacted again

Item 2: Zoom Bilingual Feature *Simultaneous interpretation is now possible with the CAOAC Zoom subscription by utilizing the subtitles feature activated by the end users of meetings.

Item 3: Convention Hotel Rooms Confirmed *Best Western Carlingview; 80 rooms set aside *No shuttle to International Centre is organized at this time *Meal options under discussion: - $65 for the traditional, sit-down CAOAC Convention dinner - $20 for a charcuterie option (eg cold cuts with crudite)

Item 4: Convention Committee Established *This Committee will oversee all planning and coordinate with the Show Committee *Chairperson: Ken Boorman *More volunteers needed to oversee Convention planning (important) *Caoac Zoom subscription may be used to facilitate meetings

Item 5: CAOAC Show Committee *Chairperson required presently *volunteers also required to help plan and carry out plans (goodwill ambassadors, donations/sponsorship contact person, advertising director, entertainment coordinator)

* CAOAC is asking all Clubs nationwide for volunteers to serve on both the Convention & CAOAC Show Committees

* Northfin has agreed to donate food for all Show entrants * space has been approved for the Biotope contest. Frank Aguirre has requested 3,500 sq ft and a floor plan to begin planning the setup.

*Flowerhorn people will be contacted to see if they wish to participate again

Item 6: DRAS Donation

* DRAS has graciously donated $500 to the Convention and made audio-visual equipment available for use.

Adjournment: Nancy Egelton concluded the meeting at approximately 9:15 PM.

Attendees: Nancy Egelton (President), Peter DeSouza (First Vice President), Cindy Golden (Corresponding Secretary), Dave Holland (Recording Secretary), Ann Marie Towell (2nd Vice President), Albert van Montfort (Treasurer), Lisa Boorman, Phil Barratt (ScAAS), Michael Beat (PRAC), Carla MacDonald (HDAS), Kristina Mikloska (PRAC), Catherine Salmon (BBC), Janet Tam (KWAS, Derek Hebbes (DRAS) Apologies: Carolina Bergles, Webmaster

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