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Club Reports

Barrie – The Barrie Region club held its 4th annual auction on March 31st. The auction had approximately 150 people attending and over 600 items sold. This year, every bidder had the chance to win numerous aquarium related door prizes and gift cards drawn throughout the day as well as a 25 gallon aquarium setup donated by Miracles Aquariums. A few club member vendor tables were present this year and this feature is something the club will consider again for future auctions. Despite some unfortunate canteen service issues that were out of our control, everyone seemed to enjoy the day. BRASS would like to thank all the sellers, bidders, volunteers, Albert Montfort, auctioneers Bob Wright & Udo Rohmann and its various sponsors in making our 4th annual auction a success. At our April general meeting some members brought some of the tools, unique and re-purposed items, as well as sharing tips and tricks they use in working with their aquariums at home. A recap of the auction was discussed and a new member at her first meeting, Angie was a thrilled winner of our 50/50 draw.

Betta Breeders - "The Group had its second in person meeting of the year on March 24th at Peter's place. It was well attended with a dozen members. Thanks Peter for hosting the meeting. Plans are in the workings for the IBC convention show at the CAOAC convention on May long weekend. Sponsorships are available for the major awards. The class list will be available shortly and the rules will be posted on our web site and Face book page."

Calgary – Calgary is at 71 members. Our last meeting had Bart Haze speaking on his collecting trip in South America. We will have a vet speaking on the new legislation regarding fish medications in May. Our auction is April 28th and our home tour is June 2.

Chatham-Kent – Been a quiet month as our meeting landed on the same day as the Sarnia Auction. Did not realize until too late that the dates conflicted. Ken spoke at NEC and highly enjoyed himself. Still looking for speakers willing to travel to Chatham on a weekend. If you would like to speak to us, please contact us on our facebook group. Several of our members have already got their tickets to the CAOAC convention and are looking forward to it.

Durham – We would like to thank all who attended Aquariama.

Kitchener-Waterloo – Our April meeting was attended by about 60 people, the most in recent memory. A few joined as new members. There were 2 BAP certificates awarded. Name That Plant turned out to be Bucephelandra. We had a raffle and an auction. Mini Show was Catfish, AOV, and a new class CARES. 3 people entered 9 fish. We also discussed the upcoming DRAS Aquariama and CAOAC Convention. Zenin Skomorowski did a presentation on Loaches.

Find Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society meeting photos on Facebook.

Our website is

St. Catharines – Our April meeting featured a presentation from Haydn Pounder on catching natural food. There were 53 in attendance. Our next meeting is Monday May 6th and Mike Major will be speaking about his work at Big Al's . As always there will be a mini auction, jar show and raffle. Everyone is welcome .

Société d’Aquariophilie de Montréal-. Our speaker will be David Viau, an extremely talented aquascaper. In addition, we will have the draw for the tank!

Notre conférencier sera David Viau, un aquascaper extrêmement doué. De plus, nous ferons tirer le bac qu'il va aménager devant vous !

Windsor - This month the Windsor Aquarium society had 35 members come out to hear Jessica Bullock's talk on dwarf cichlids. What an awesome talk she has put together. April ends our year for BAP, HAP and Bowl show. Our bowl show for April was Discus, Angelfish, Rainbowfish and Nano tank beautiful. We had quite a few entries this month. The bowl show seems to be growing every month for us which is great. We also had our small auction and raffle and then a bit of social time to end the meeting.

Thank you Phil, Zenin, and Cindy for sending their reports prior to the meeting. Thank you to those who sent their reports after also. It is appreciated.


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