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CAOAC Meeting Minutes

October 20, 2019 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 9.18am by Nancy Egelton at the Waterloo Rod & Gun Club in St. Jacobs, Ontario.

Executive Attendance

Position Name Absent/Present President Nancy Egelton (TCGG) Present

1st Vice President Peter DeSouza (HDAS) Present 2nd Vice President Ann Marie Towell (TCGG/BBC) Absent Correspondence Secretary Cindy Golden (SCASS) Absent Recording Secretary Murray Brown (TCGG) Present Treasurer Albert Van Montfort (HDAS/DRAS) Absent

Also in Attendance

Carolina Bergles Dave Holland Rick Hodgins Catherine Salmon Phil Barrett Frank Aguire Jay Oliver Gabe (From Windsor Club)

Minutes from Previous Meeting Nancy read the previous minutes from the September, 2019. Meeting Minutes were taken by Cindy Golden.

Nancy moved to accept the minutes as read. Seconded by executive. Carried.

Old Business

Convention – NE – Tom Mason confirmed that the hotel in Burlington is booked for the first weekend in May, 2020.

There was discussions of creating a website for the Convention Purchasing tickets, you can pick and choose which speakers you want to see

Terry Little Money – Jerry Draper said it was meant to get a 10 gallon tank kit for Jr. Champion every year. CAOAC will do that. Mike Majer (Big Al’s Hamilton) will get involved with that.

Treasurer’s Report

Bank balances and reports will be presented, but not be publicized. Any member of CAOAC is welcome to inspect the financial records of CAOAC.

Albert will have care and control over the CAOAC laptop that we got from Ann Stevens.


Cindy was absent but had been doing a great job with the fish rescue requests. There were several over the month.

New Business - Convention

Carolina will co-chair the convention

Tom Mason would like to delegate responsibilities to different clubs to help with running a smooth show.

CAOAC Executive will run show room and breed-specific shows.

PD: We need full mandate from Durham club

Show Program – we need to be able to pre-register for the show.

Carolina had discussed reducing the classes, and changing show rules (ie: tank size requirements)

Carolina will work with Tom and provide reports at the meetings.

Carolina will also create new rules for Judging as issues were identified.

Mike Majer from Big Al’s called in. Suggested an Aquascaping contest for kids. Mike will provide tank kits. Spoke with Aqueon has been a huge supporter of CAOAC and clubs. They are excited about the competition.

Nancy suggested using some of the Terry Little money as prize money, supplies, etc.

Mike has also been in contact with vendors/suppliers for the convention.

New Business – Website

CAOAC website to go live November 1, 2019.

Generic forms for shows/auctions to be made available on site.

Motion made by Nancy for Carolina to purchase a new laptop for CAOAC for Website and Convention business, up to $800.00, including tax. Carried

Gabe from the Windsor Club requested April 18, 2020 as their Windsor Swap Meet.

Club Reports

Will no longer be read at meetings to reduce duration.

If there is an important event, we will announce those at the meetings.

All club reports will be published in the Newsletter.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00am by Nancy.


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