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Thunder Bay Aquarium society

Annual CAOAC Convention

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Canadian Pet Expo
Each year a CAOAC convention is hosted by a member club or clubs.
The following is a guide to how to bid for and tips on planning a convention.


This year the CAOAC convention will be September 16 & 17, 2023 at the Toronto International Centre (Pet Expo).  Please note the following information for those attending: 
11:00 AM Sunday Sept 17: Judging for the Biotope competition
2:30 pm Sunday Sept 17  Fish Sale



Mad Aquarist Chris Biggs

Our Master of Ceremonies


Jeff Cardwell

CAOAC Speaker


Frank Aguirre

Biotope Curator


Jennifer William

Award-winning Aquascaper


Therese Neal

Shrimp Fanatic

Hotel Reservations


A group block was set up under “C.A.O.A.C. Group”-
September 14th – September 17th, 2023 to receive a very special reduced rate at the Monte Carlo in nearby Brampton.  (By the way, if you will have show entrants and must bench your fish by 9pm Friday Sept 15, don’t forget to book a room for Friday night!)

All the hotel directly at 905-453-5200 ext 0 and someone at the desk will be happy to assist them with their reservations or any other questions they might have. They can also provide the group reservation number 425928.  Mention the group name “C.A.O.A.C. Group”- when making reservations over the phone.

Please consider booking online using the link: 

You will be directed to the screen below and they just need to input the group code and pin code and in the yellow highlighted boxes. Group Code is 425928 and Pin Code is 0923

The Monte Carlo Brampton hotel (45 Coventry Rd, Brampton, ON L6T 4V7) is just a 10 minute drive down Airport Road to the Canadian Pet Expo venue located at 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga.

The hotel will ask for a Credit Card to secure the reservation, a pre-authorization of the room & tax plus incidentals will be taken upon check in and will be charged the exact amount upon check out.  

Reservations must be made before cut-off date which is August 21st, 2023. Reservations received after this time will be based on availability & price. Check in time is after 3:00 pm and Check out time is 11:00 am. Please note, early check ins are not guaranteed, however, we will try to accommodate any request based on our availability.

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy, if for some reason the reservation needs to be cancelled, you must call 24 hours (before 2 pm) prior to the arrival date, otherwise, the credit card will be charge for 1 night as a No Show.


The CAOAC banquet will be held on Saturday, September 16th 7:00 PM at the Monte Carlo Inn in the "Davis" room. Address of the hotel is listed above.

Reserve your seat at the table by e-transfer to:
Be sure to include:
1. $55.00 / seat.
2. In the reason for e-transfer state: "Attention Food" & state names of people coming for Dinner.

Cut-off date for reservations is August 15, 2023.

(Sorry, at this time Paypal is not accepted.)

Dinner Rolls
Broccoli & Aged Cheddar Soup -OR- Mixed Green Salad with Raspberry & Tarragon Vinaigrette
Penne Alla Vodka

Pan Seared Chicken Supreme with a
Spinach, Parmesan & Garlic Cream Sauce -OR- Grilled Atlantic Salmon with a Dill & Champagne Sauce -OR- Veal Scaloppini with Sautéed Mushrooms, Onions & Marsala Wine Sauce
Chef’s Vegetable Medley and Roasted Mini Red Potatoes
Chocolate Raspberry Tartufo -OR- Chocolate Cake with Berries
Freshly Brewed Arabica Coffee
Selection of Herbal Teas

Soda Pop and Water
Banquet Info


The CAOAC Annual General Meeting and Election will take place on Sunday September 17th 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM Monte Carlo Inn "Bramalea" room.  Coffee and muffins will be provided.

General Meeting

Show Form & Rules

Click on one of the following to start download:
Show Registration Form (Word Doc Format)
Rules in PDF Format
Post of the Rules


Show Classes (SPONSOR)

CLASS 1: Anabantids [other then Betta Splendens]
   SPONSOR: Cat's Fish Caves
CLASS 2: Betta splendens-Male
   SPONSOR: Carla MacDonald & Garnet Lott
CLASS 3: Betta splendens-Females
   SPONSOR: Calgary Aquarium Society
CLASS 4: Guppies-Males
   SPONSOR: Trans Canada Guppy Group
CLASS 5: Guppies-Females
   SPONSOR: Trans Canada
 Guppy Group
CLASS 6A: Aphyosemion-Killifish
   SPONSOR: Southern Ontario Killifish Society
CLASS 6B: Fundulopanchax-Killifish
   SPONSOR: Southern Ontario Killifish Society
CLASS 6C: A.O.V.-Killifish
   SPONSOR: Southern Ontario Killifish Society
CLASS 7: Corydoras-Brochis-Aspidoras-Scleromystax
   SPONSOR: Finest Fish Food
CLASS 8: Catfish
   SPONSOR: Mountjoy Family
CLASS 9: Characins
   SPONSOR: Common Sence Aquatics
CLASS 10: Minnows & Rainbowsfish
   SPONSOR: Lisa's Liar Bookstore
CLASS 11: Barbs
   SPONSOR: Zenin Skomorowski
CLASS 12: Swordtails
   SPONSOR: Barrie Regional Aquarium Society of Simcoe
CLASS 13: A.O.V. Livebearer
   SPONSOR: Finest Fish Food
CLASS 14: Goldfish & Koi
   SPONSOR: Phil & Cindy Barrett
CLASS 15: A.O.V. Egglayers
   SPONSOR: Northfin

CLASS 16: Dwarf Cichlids (not Rift Lake)
   SPONSOR: Finest Fish Food
CLASS 17: Rift Lake Cichlids
   SPONSOR: Finest Fish Food
CLASS 18: A.O.V.  Cichlids (Angels,Discus est)
   SPONSOR: Finest Fish Food
CLASS 19: Invertebrates / Aquatic Animals
   SPONSOR: Peel Regional Aquarium Club
CLASS 20: Junior CLASS
   SPONSOR: Carla MacDonald & Garnet Lott
CLASS 21: Plants
   SPONSOR: Albert van Montfort
CLASS 22: Novelty
   SPONSOR: Windsor Aquarium Society
CLASS 23: Arts And Crafts
   SPONSOR: Windsor Aquarium Society
CLASS 24: Photography / Prints
   SPONSOR: Northfin
CLASS 25A: Neocaridina Shrimp
   SPONSOR: Shrimp Fever Aquarium
CLASS 25B: Caridina: Crystal Red / Crystal Black Shrimp
   SPONSOR: Shrimp Fever Aquarium
CLASS 25C: Caridina: Bee [Unspecified] Shrimp
   SPONSOR: Shrimp Fever Aquarium
1: Best in Show
   SPONSOR: The Tropical Fish Room
2: Best Egglayer
   SPONSOR: Bob G's Pro Aquarium
3: Best Livebearer
   SPONSOR: Bob G's Pro Aquarium
4: Best Cichlid
   SPONSOR: The Tropical Fish Room
5: Best Rainbow
   SPONSOR: ANGFA North America
6: Best Killifish
   SPONSOR: Southern Ontario Killifish Society
7: Best Shrimp
   SPONSOR: Shrimp Fever Aquarium
8: Best Junior
   SPONSOR: Finatics Aquarium
9: High Aggregate
   SPONSOR: Finatics Aquarium
10: People's Choice
   SPONSOR: Finatics Aquarium


Show Classes
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