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Welcome to CAOAC

Calling all Clubs!

Our next CAOAC general meeting is coming up.  The date is: Monday, Jun 19th 7:30 PM Toronto time. (Subject to adjustment.)

If you are part of a CAOAC club, then you are invited to this meeting.  The ZOOM meeting invite has been sent to all of the Executive Club Representatives.  Contact your representative for the link.

We are reaching out to anyone who would like to help us for the convention.  There are many tasks to accomplish.  Please contact us at the e-mail address (Attn: Nancy) or use the form below.


Discounted admission tickets may be purchased as well as group rates for nearby hotel can now be found on our Convention page. Click on the menu above.

CAOAC will be holding an annual General Meeting Sunday September 17, 8am-10 am with Elections at the hotel, coffee and muffins served. More details will follow.

Keep Up to Date:

CAOAC is now fully engaged in preprarations for the upcoming Convention to be held at the Pet Expo. (We need volunteers.) Keep up to date by reading the minutes of our last meeting.  After each meeting the notes of the meeting will be posted here for you to keep up with the latest.

To find the meeting minutes, merely click on the "NEWS" link at the top.

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Thank you!

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