President's Message


March 2017

Happy Valentines day to all

I hope you have some green beer.

First of all I would like to apologize for the missed meeting last month. We were involved in a car accident on the 403. Thankfully there was nobody seriously hurt. It could have been a lot worse. Peter was ok and Annette and I had some bruises and bumps but they will heal. Mother Nature and her crazy weather.

By this month’s meeting the Awards Committee meeting will have come and gone with the decisions on the CAOAC Awards for this year CAOAC Convention. Congrats to all the award winners to be announced at the convention.

The Hamilton Convention team has everything in place for a great weekend. I hope you all come and join this affair. Details are on the Hamilton web site. The prices for tickets and hotel info are up for all to see. It is promising to be a fun event. Great work to the Hamilton team. They are planning a great expo of different groups from the hobby to make this even more fun. So if you have not made plans yet, book your weekend and join us with the Hamilton club.

Come out to the meeting and join other club representatives for a round table talk about all the events and plans they have for the balance of the year and their future plans for next year. It is very constructive and who knows you may have extra ideas for your own club.

We always have treats for the munchies and usually Ed has a pot of something very tasty and hot. Thank you very much for that .Also we have a 50/ 50 draw and door prizes for the group to enjoy.

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Ron Bishop

President CAOAC


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