President's Message for June 2016


Happy Father’s Day,

First of all I would like to say that on behalf of the London Aquaria Society we would like to thank all who joined us in London at Fanshawe College at the CAOAC convention on the May 24th weekend. We had a great line up of guest speakers and lots of info was gathered by all those in attendance. It was nice meeting the Betta People who put on a great show for the second time in Canada. It was also great to have the Southern Ontario Killifish and the Trans Canada Guppy Breeders all join in to make the convention that much more of an occasion. We spent some time with a lot of the people in the hobby who made this hobby of ours so interesting. We had a great time and the Fanshawe College staff was most helpful. Thanks to all the Presidents and their clubs who donated to the Presidents Draw at the dinner. Thanks to all who made this convention a success. I know when we got home a well deserved rest was due and we took full advantage of the extra day off.

Congrats to the Hamilton District Aquarium Society for their bid on the 2017 CAOAC Convention. I cannot wait to see the fantastic job that will be doing to make their event as much fun as possible. I hear rumours that they have already been in contact with some speakers and the venue has been approached. Looking forward to all of their announcements with the plans of convention 2017.

We have a couple of vacancies to fill with Tom Mason stepping down as the Fish Rescue person. Tom has done a great job for so many years in the fish rescue program. I am positive if somebody or a group of people do this job it will run as smoothly as it did when Tom did it. Also we had another resignation from Brian Glazier from the Judges Committee Chairman. Brian has done a fantastic job and will be another needed position to fill. Thanks to both of you guys for your service to CAOAC over the past years.

We have a full slate of executives for the upcoming year. If anybody has an interest in any of the committees please let it be known. Whatever help can be offered will be a benefit to all.

The Presidents Pot Luck will be held in Waterdown on the 26th of June after the Executive meeting with the general meeting. It would be a lot nicer if we had more seats filled around the table with whatever means that are available to us. After that we all have a chance to enjoy the pleasures of a pot luck dinner. There will be lots of food for all who attend. We will be having our 50/50 Draw and the ever popular draw table so we can all either donate or buy some tickets for a chance to win what is on the tables. So come and join us for a great day.

Time to enjoy the summer,
Ron Bishop, President, CAOAC 

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