President's Message


June 2017

What a wonderful time we had at the CAOAC Convention hosted by the Hamilton District Aquarium Society. What a super line up of speakers and vendors. The awards dinner was great and all that were there had a great meal and enjoyed the evening talk. Thanks to all the clubs that donated to the Presidents prize table. There were a lot of prizes for all to have a chance to win.

Next year will the convention be hosted by CAOAC and we have a great line up of speakers booked for the event. Same place May 18th to the 20th 2018. Ken Boorman has lined up a slate of speakers already and we have commitments from the specialty Aquarium Fish Clubs of their participation in the show already. This is going to grow more and more every year with more going to be approached.

Also a big thank you to Frank Aquirre, for his efforts with the Biotope Contest. With this being the first year he had 5 entrants. Next year I hope it more than doubles. This yearís winner was Annette Bishop from the London Aquaria Society. Yes she beat me as I came in third. She must have had good teacher.

The Annual AGM Meeting was well attended and there was a lot of discussion from all the clubs in attendance about a bigger and better year ahead of us in the hobby and what we can do to build our hobby. This meeting left us all very upbeat heading into next year. Welcome to Ed Bosker as treasurer and a big Thank you to Barry McKee for his work as treasurer this year

If you or your club has any ideas come and join us at the Presidents Pot Luck June 25th in Waterdown, Ontario.

Come one come all to the Presidentís Pot Luck

Ron Bishop

President CAOAC


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