President's Message for February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day to all

All awards nominations are due at the February Meeting. So if you have any members in line for awards please submit them. The Awards Committee is looking forward to all the applications for the awards to being submitted on time.
A very interesting letter was submitted by Tom Mason on different things that could be done to make the hobby more attractive to all and have CAOAC do a lot of changes for the hobby. These ideas are great and all is good on paper but we need bodies to try to implement some or all of the suggestions. A lot of great ideas for the Future’s Committee.
There was a discussion about CAOAC putting a policy into the Bylaws regarding Bullying and Harassment, we will have a final draft for this done for the next meeting and will can put it on the table to be voted on in the near future. It is disturbing we have to go this far as we are hobbyists and volunteers trying to make this hobby more enjoyable for all.
Please consult the calendar for events, as soon as you can get the info to Ann Stevens so she can get it updated. The Durham Aquarium Club just had Gary Lange speak at the Toronto Zoo with a very good meal. We all had lots to eat then we were educated about finding new Rainbows for our hobby. There was an auction with lots of eggs for all to bid on. A fun time was had by all, great job Durham People. It is always a fun evening and the meal is great. I know we have enjoyed it every time we have gone.
The CAOAC convention is fast approaching on the May long weekend. Check back often for updates. London is offering two draws for the convention. The first is a painting done by Ken McKeighton for anyone who has booked their rooms for the convention at Fanshawe College by April 1st will qualify for that one. And the second is anybody that purchases a full convention ticket will be entered into a draw for their ticket to be reimbursed to them. (Note only tickets purchased before April 1st qualify.) All people who won their tickets thru the raffles will not be entered into these draws. The latest winner was Ann Stevens, congrats this makes five winners so far.
Candy is Dandy and it might help get that new tank in the fish room. Happy Valentines Day
Ron Bishop
President CAOAC
President 2016

PLEASE NOTE: AWARD nomination forms deadline is noon at the February 21 meeting.





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