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CAOAC Meeting Minutes - Sep 21, 2020

Meeting Type: Executive

Venue: Zoom

Meeting Started at: 07:30 PM EST

Present: Nancy Egelton, President, Dave Holland, Recording Secretary, Ann Marie Towell, Second-Vice

President, Albert Van Montfort, Treasurer, Carolina Bergles, Webmaster

Apologies: Peter DeSouza, First Vice-President; Cindy Golden, Corresponding Secretary, Ron Bishop, Past President

Item 1

CAOAC consulted with its Group Insurance Carrier to assess the viability of lowering the liability

coverage in order to realise some savings for Clubs given that most clubs are not meeting in-person during the pandemic.

  • Concern was expressed about certain Clubs which may hold one-time events or begin to hold in-person meetings in different areas of the country and require the full liability coverage. This would also be difficult for CAOAC to track across all member clubs and adjust with group insurance coverage

  • The possibility and timing of future in-person events was found to be too difficult to foresee with so many member clubs across a large geographical area during the pandemic

  • It was unanimously decided to not lower group liability coverage at this time because the savings did not justify the risk

Item 2

It was proposed to waive all CAOAC membership fees for the coming year in view of the pandemic and the fact that there would likely be no CAOAC Convention Show in the Spring of 2021

  • Executives assessed the financial implications this would have on CAOAC, the current assets and how it would impact the ongoing objectives of CAOAC as an organization

  • It was decided with a majority vote to lower the membership fees by 50% for the year 2021 but not to waive them entirely. CAOAC must maintain enough funds to continue important programmes such as Fish Rescue etc.

Item 3

The timing and method of holding the 2020 AGM was discussed

  • It was decided to hold the 2020 AGM virtually this Fall on Zoom with the date to be announced

  •  It was decided less than 60 days notice of the 2020 AGM was reasonable notice due to the already significant delays and cancellations of important meetings caused by the public health crisis of COVID-19

Item 4

Covid-19 Considerations for in-person events were discussed

  • CAOAC's official recommendation is to not hold in-person events

  • liability waiver and covid protocols were sent out for clubs choosing to have in-person meetings


Nancy Egelton adjourned the meeting at 8h30pm.

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