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CAOAC Update


Correspondence Report

There have been a number of requests to rehome goldfish to the latest one...a piranha from Stouffville. They have as far as we can tell have been rehomed successfully.

Social Media

We still have close to 300 followers. Auctions that were happening have been posted.

Ways & Means


All remaining funds of $80 was turned over to Ed Bosker at the June meeting, leaving a $20 float to begin again for the fall meeting.


Started out with a $20 float. $9.72 was spent on treats for the meeting, leaving $10.28 remaining. A 50/50 draw was done. $44.00 was collected with Jay Oliver winning $22.00, leaving us now with a balance of $32.28.

No raffle was held.


Balance of $32.28. $7.96 was spent on treats for the meeting, leaving us with a balance of $24.12.

There was no raffle or 50/50.


Bank balances and reports will be presented during CAOAC meetings, but not be publicized.

Any member of CAOAC is welcome to inspect the financial records of CAOAC.


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