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CAOAC Meeting Minutes - Apr 17, 2023

Topics: Previous Minutes Accepted; Club Business; New CAOAC Logo; CAOAC Convention Developments; Revenue-Generating Avenues; CAOAC Executive Succession Plan; Announcement of Next General Meeting

Item 1: Club Business

  • Sarnia Aquarium Society Auction April 22 (Sarnia Christian School, 1273 Exmouth St; doors open at 9:30, auction starts at 11 am)

  • Annie Girard announced the Montréal auction April 30th

  • BRASS reports 37 Club members

  • OVAS will have its final meeting and elect new Executives May 29.

  • Please inform us of events or happenings at your club at CAOAC meetings or email

Item 2: Treasurer Update

  • Albert van Montfort updated the CAOAC bank balance

Item 3: Presentation of New CAOAC Logo

  • An updated version of the Caoac logo was designed chiefly by Patricia Ann Lewis-MacDougall (HDAS), with oversight from Nancy Egelton. Digitizing was completed by the Chatham OML. The new distinctive, simpler logo was presented and all meeting attendees were pleased. To reflect the national identity of CAOAC, the logo is now bilingual with the adoption of the French translation of "CAOAC" proposed first in 2019 by Dave Holland (BSL Laurentian Univ; School of Translators & Interpreters; PRAC). Translation: Le Réseau des sociétés d'aquariophilie du Canada (RSAC)

  • This logo will be featured prominently in all subsequent promotional materials for Pet-Expo and the CAOAC Convention.

  • T-shirts with the logo are under consideration.

Item 4: CAOAC CONVENTION Convention News

Carla MacDonald, Convention Committee General Manager updates:

  • Computer links to reserve hotel rooms and purchase tickets will soon be up on the caoac website in May (Hotel is $135 per suite including breakfast; hotel parking has been secured);

  • Call for Volunteers- construction crews are needed at Pet Expo for various tasks including setting up tanks. September 15th will be Construction Day 8am to 6pm (black curtains for the tables will be supplied)

  • Fish must be in place by Friday at 6pm

  • CAOAC Clubs are encouraged to set up host tables. Bring a banner for your club, business cards, membership forms, appoint some Goodwill Ambassadors to talk about your Club. You can set up a tank but must supply your own stand, air will be supplied. These tanks must be filled with water before the room is open to the public.

  • Volunteers Needed for Security: there will be barricades, ropes in place, but people are needed to help watch over the tanks

  • Bagstuffers are needed for exhibitors

Other Topics:

  • There will be a hospitality room at the hotel

  • Ray Lucas Best in Show Memorial Trophy

Item 5: Revenue-Generating Avenues

  • The Executive expressed interest in exploring more revenue-generating avenues for CAOAC

Item 6: Creation of CAOAC Executive Succession Plan

  • Dave Holland, Recording Secretary, suggested a succession plan should be put in place for the Executive roles and made a plan to contact all existing CAOAC Executives to confirm whether or not they would be sitting for re-election in September and for what positions

  • Dave Holland also learned that in order for Zoom to auto-interpret the meetings into French, the host must change the caption language to French

  • A subsequent General CAOAC meeting has been set for May 17 at 7:30 pm to further Convention planning. All Executive will be reminded and invited again via email with the Zoom link.

Adjournment: Nancy Egelton concluded the meeting at approximately 8:52 PM

Attendees: Nancy Egelton (President); Peter DeSouza (First Vice President); Cindy Golden (Corresponding Secretary); Dave Holland (Recording Secretary); Albert van Montfort (Treasurer); Phil Barratt (SCAAS Caoac rep); Carla MacDonald (HDAS Caoac Rep); Derek Hebbes (DRAS Caoac Rep); Annie Girard (Société d'aquariophilie de Montréal); Patricia MacDougall (HDAS); Mike Majer (HDAS); Michael Beat (PRAC); Catherine Salmon (BBC Caoac Rep); Jeff Mountjoy (BRASS); Ken Boorman (CAOAC Convention Show Chairperson); Lisa Boorman (Caoac Facebook Page Admin);

Apologies: Ann Marie Towell (2nd Vice President); Lise Durocher (SAM); Unrepresented clubs


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