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Presidents Message

Happy New Year to all our wonderful clubs and members. We have some exciting things happening in the coming months.

Several clubs are having Dinner speakers and of course in May we have the Great White North show sponsored by our Durham Regional Aquarium Society. The show is focused around Rainbow fish , and after what has recently occurred  In Australia . It couldn’t come at a better time .

Of course there will be the regular CAOAC show plus the individual special interest shows. We must also pay attention to whats happening here in Canada- Bill 136 . Please look it up to familiarize yourself with this bill. It has been passed and its a very unnerving decision. Its something that neither CAOAC nor any of the other organizations had any input into. It’s something that clubs should be discussing. 

Now for social Media- we have our new website and I wish to personally thank Carolina Bergles who has spent  a tremendous amount  of time  on this project.

We are also going to update our Facebook page. Thanks to Lisa Boorman for keeping it up! Facebook can be very useful and also very dangerous. Please be careful about posts that are critical about individuals or businesses. If you have a beef please take it privately to the individual and not use our club’s  fb pages  to criticize. You could damage your club’s reputation and also CAOAC with out realizing it.

In closing I wish to personally thank Murray Brown who has had to step down as secretary due to illness.  Murray has accomplished much for CAOAC and we appreciate you! CAOAC appreciates each and every member and we hope to continue to serve our clubs well.


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