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President's Message

Yes, it’s finally summer!

Time to put those tubs of fish outside and enjoy a cold drink out by the pond.

Many of our clubs have had their end of season Barbecues and all the shows are done.

Try to relax and enjoy our wonderful hobby this summer, go on a road trip to one of the local aquarium stores or even one that's a bit farther away.

Take a good look at your tanks, this is the time of year when you can take things outside and give them a really good scrub or replant your show tank!

As for CAOAC, you will see a few new faces, or old ones too!

Murray Brown will be our new club secretary

Albert Van Monfort as our Treasurer and Cindy Golden is the new correspondence secretary.

We will be trying out a new web design in the near future to revitalize our CAOAC website and make it the "GO TO " site to visit.

Our September CAOAC meeting will be taking place at one of the September Auctions, I just have to finalize plans for that. It will be announced shortly.

CAOAC is going to try to be more accessible to our clubs by being "Out and About " a bit more.

Have a Wonderful Summer !


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