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Executive Vacancy: Webmaster

Dear CAOAC Club Members,

CAOAC is contacting you today to inform you of an interim vacancy that has occurred on the Executive Dec 13/20. CAOAC is now accepting nominations for the new Executive role of CAOAC Webmaster for the recently launched CAOAC website ( Interested applicants are encouraged to submit an explanation as to why they feel qualified to assume the role of Webmaster on the CAOAC Executive (see Webmaster Duties below). This posting also appears on the CAOAC website.

Webmaster Duties

The Webmaster is an Executive officer on the CAOAC Executive.

The Webmaster:

1) Shall maintain the CAOAC website. He or she shall suggest and implement necessary structural, technological, and design changes with input from both the Executive and the membership to create awareness, maximize the user experience, and encourage frequent visits to the site 

2) Shall perform periodic updates as necessary to communicate with the membership and the general public on the activities of CAOAC, relevant links, and social media

3) Shall identify the necessary resources and technologies needed to support CAOAC objectives

4) Shall delegate, supervise and direct others who are assigned tasks associated with the duties of the CAOAC Webmaster

5) Shall perform such other duties as may from time to time be determined by the Executive

Eligibility Requirements: 1) Any member in good standing of any CAOAC member club, 19 years of age or older, may nominate oneself or any other similar CAOAC club member.  2) A nominee must be aware of the nomination and willing to accept the role.

Please submit nominations by email before January 21, 2021, to Peter DeSouza at

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