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December Presidents Message

2020 has been such a big shock to us all and I am sure we are all waiting for it to come to a close.

Due to Covid 19, our clubs have

had to really think outside the box to keep their members going.

Zoom has been a huge asset to all, as have many other forms of social media such as Facebook, messenger and other platforms of online communication.

For the immediate future these will be our lifelines to keep going.

CAOAC executive have been so very impressed by our club’s ingenuity and abilities to make things work the best that they can. I personally am so very impressed at this and amazed by our member’s skills.

We are working on keeping CAOAC up to date to better serve our club’s needs. Our Job is to be here to advise our clubs to help them meet their member’s needs. Please let us know how to help you in the pursuit to keep our hobby going during these uncertain times.

The Executive of CAOAC wishes all of you the very best in the coming months.


Nancy Egelton

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