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CAOAC Meeting Minutes - July 10, 2023

General CAOAC Meeting Primary Focus: Convention Planning Date: July 10, 2023 Meeting Time: 7h30pm

Venue: Zoom Called by: Nancy Egelton _________________________ Topics: Previous Minutes Accepted; Club Business; CAOAC Executive Nominations Sought/Election & Update, Deadlines & AGM; Canadian Biotope Contest Applications - Eligibility & Deadlines; Financial Update; Dwindling Membership at the Club Level; Convention Developments; Fish Rescue Guidelines; Announcement of Next General Meeting _________________________ Item 1: Club Business *Windsor Aquarium Society, 11am, Aug 20th, Club Member's Annual Barbecue, hosted by Carl & Barbara 1436 Aubin Rd, Windsor; bring lawnchairs; auction items optional

*This year, the Aquarium Society of Winnipeg has opted to change the organizational structure of the Society with the adoption of a "Board" that will supplement the traditional Executive function and allow members increased input and greater say into the operations of the Aquarium Society.

*Sept 16: The Calgary Aquarium Society presents an afternoon with the King of DIY, Joey Mullen. For more information Tickets: *GTA Aquarium Club has paused meetings for July & August, but will resume September. The first meeting is always free, and a yearly membership is $20; GTAAC meets at 948 Sheppard Ave W, in the Wilson Legion (upstairs) at 7:30pm, the third Tuesday of each month resuming September 19/23. *Please inform us of events or happenings at your club at CAOAC meetings or email _________________________ Item 2: CAOAC AGM/EXECUTIVE ELECTION/NOMINATIONS UPDATE * Executive Elections of the Canadian Association of Aquarium Club (CAOAC) at the A.G.M. September 17, 2023 at the Monte Carlo Inn in conjunction with the CAOAC - Pet Expo Convention. *If you are interested in running for any Executive positions with CAOAC, please submit your request or nomination to Peter DeSouza, *The following CAOAC Executive positions are subject to election in this cycle:

-President: Nancy Egelton Status: Not standing for re-election -1st Vice President: Peter DeSouza Status: Not Standing for re-election -2nd Vice President: Ann Marie Towell Status: Standing for re-election -Recording Secretary: Dave Holland Status: Standing for re-election -Treasurer: Albert van Montfort Status: Standing for re-election -Corresponding Secretary: Cindy Golden Status: Standing for re-election -Webmaster: Michael Beat Status: Standing for re-election *The positions of President and First Vice President are open for the next term currently as Nancy Egelton and Peter DeSouza will not be sitting for re-election. *Submission for any Executive position will be accepted. A description of the duties of these Executive positions may be found online in the CAOAC Bylaws at *Eligibility to Apply:

1) Any member in good standing of any CAOAC member club in good standing may nominate him or herself or any other club member in good standing.

2) A nominee may run for more than one position, but can be elected to only one. *Each nominee must declare the position/s for which he or she will stand, and may submit to the Chair a resume/platform no larger than a single page 8½" x 11". Please submit your request or nomination to Peter DeSouza, Attn: Peter DeSouza *Nominations for the Executive will close August 18, 2023, 30 days before the AGM. Time is short. Please do not delay your submission. *If there are two or more nominations for any one position, then there will be an election for that position. Voting will conclude at the AGM and the winner will be announced. If there is only one nomination to any position, the person so nominated will be acclaimed to the position for the following year. If there are no nominations for a position, nominations will be requested at the Election. *Constitutional reform is possible at this AGM _________________________ Election Update: *Frank Aguirre, CEO of the Canadian Biotope Competition, submitted a nomination to run for CAOAC President on July 10, 2023 at this meeting and outlined his motivation to run and objectives *As of this date no nominations have been received for First Vice President of CAOAC according to Steering Officer, Peter DeSouza *All CAOAC clubs were notified of the Election and related information in June. _________________________ Item 3: Convention Biotope Competition *4th Canadian Biotope Competition has been launched by Biotope Chief Executive Organizer, Frank Aguirre.

* 10 participants/teams will make up to this competition, minimally;

*Each, participant/team, will be gifted a 10 gallon glass tank with a light and hanging filter

To Participate:

️*You must enter your full name/team name and theme of your Biotope.

*Confirm your participation to Frank Aguirre by no later than the end of August 2023

*You must bring your materials to build your Biotope in the provided 10 gallon tank.

*Include photos AND a clear written, detailed description of which area of the world you are representing in your biotope. This information must be in front or next to your aquarium for judges to assess your work and for attendees to understand your specific biotope.

️*The contest is open to anyone involved in aquarium keeping. It is not necessary to be affiliated with any aquarium club or association.

*You may work as a team on one tank or individually. All are encouraged to participate. Aquarium Clubs are welcome to form a team too.

*Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place

*Anyone or organization wishing to help sponsor or donate to the Canadian Biotope Competition is encouraged to contact Frank Aguirre. _________________________ Item 4: July 10/23 Financial Update *Albert van Montfort, Treasurer, reports no significant changes or bank statement since the June meeting minutes *He has begun to receive money for Convention Banquet dinners _________________________ Item 5: Dwindling Membership at Club Level *Strategies are being sought by Clubs from CAOAC to resuscitate membership in the post emergency phase of the Covid-19 pandemic (PRAC is down to approx 8 regular in-person members, Thunder Bay Aquarium Society has ceased to exist). *Nancy Egelton asked the Executive and meeting attendees to join her in brainstorming and consulting others on how best to advise clubs struggling with participation to pivot in order to address these serious challenges. *Given the importance of this topic and that it is a reality "more than a few clubs" are facing, it will be discussed in detail at the Annual General Meeting in September before a larger audience. _________________________ Item 6: CONVENTION NEWS *Ken Boorman was given the first opportunity to speak. Ken reports he is reaching out to Chris Biggs in order to make arrangements for Jeff Cardwell. Carla McDonald, Convention Manager: *An All Species General Show will also be at the event as well as a special International Betta Show and Guppy show. *There is uncertainty about how many classes Betta Breeders Canada will be featuring in their show and their ribbons needs. Peter DeSouza will reach out to BBC Morgan Ruttle for clarification. *Carla expressed concern about the number of classes in the 'All Species General Show'. *There are upwards of 40 classes. More money must be raised to sponsor these classes and the related ribbons. *Jeff Mountjoy of BRASS suggested Carla contact Darius Chodocinskas at Northfin about sponsoring classes in the All Species General Show or for sponsorship of the Convention generally *Individuals and Clubs are encouraged to sponsor classes in the All Species General Show. The rate is $35 per class. If willing to sponsor any classes, please follow up with Carla MacDonald at: (Sponsorship funds may be sent to Treasurer, Albert van Montfort by e-transfer or cheque) *Sponsorship Announcements July 10/23: -Jeff Mountjoy, CAOAC Rep BRASS, announced that BRASS would sponsor a class in the All Species General Show as well as a donation for the Banquet

-London Aquaria Society is donating $500 to the Convention as reported by Nancy Egelton

-Trans Canada Guppy Group is sponsoring 2 classes in the All Species General Show for guppies

-Nancy Egelton reports a sponsorship donation of $250 in product from Bobby G's Pro Aquarium in London, Ontario -CAOAC would like to thank the much needed donations they have received insofar from some individuals *The Convention Committee is looking for gifts from clubs in the $100 to $125 value range to be used for promotion (draws etc) and distributed at the banquet - even a 10g tank setup. Don't forget to ask your regular local club sponsors if they are willing to donate something to be used for promotion at the banquet. Please contact Carla MacDonald with any such gifts:

* Nancy Egelton discussed the possibility of holding draws with quality aquariums that are left over from aquascaping tanks -TBA *President's Tank Challenge: This will be a friendly contest between clubs. Each club will set up a tank. This may be 10g-20g. If the tank is larger than 20g it will require its own stand. A description of who is providing the tank is needed and the tanks will be judged. Ground rules and details to follow. *Individual clubs are being asked to join in and help. Club Ambassadors are needed to talk about your Club. Host tables for individual clubs are encouraged from Windsor, Barrie, Montréal etc. Bring your banners, logos and membership literature/QR codes. We will feature your information you send us even if your club is distant eg. Edmonton in the event no one may be able to attend. Check with your members and find out who is coming to the Convention for prospective volunteers. Alternating club Ambassadors are possible so one person is not working at your club's table all day. *Catherine Salmon, CAOAC Show Chair, would like a volunteer who is proficient using Excel to work on data entry to process all the Show entrants. Please contact Carla MacDonald, Catherine Salmon or Nancy Egelton if you wish to volunteer for this much needed position. *Volunteers Needed - construction crews are needed at Pet Expo for various tasks including setting up tanks

*Volunteers Needed for Security: there will be barricades, ropes in place, but people are needed to help watch over the tanks *Bagstuffers are needed for exhibitors *Dave Holland, Recording Secretary, proposed that CAOAC advertise for volunteers across Aquarium Society Facebook groups, the CAOAC website as well as contacting clubs directly. Carla seconds this approach as clubs will only have met once, if at all, by the time the Convention date arrives. T-Shirts/Volunteers/Sales:

*CAOAC wants volunteers to be easily recognizable and is ordering 60 t-shirts with the CAOAC /RSAC logo (to be gifted to workers/judges). They may be used in combination with lanyards. These t-shirts will also be sold to Convention attendees as a source of revenue for Caoac. The logo will be embroidered by Nancy Egelton, not stamped.

*CAOAC base-ball caps will also be for sale to Convention attendees. 35 have been ordered.

*Nancy Egelton will look into lanyards from Amazon for volunteers and judges *Ribbons: there will be ribbons for first, second and third place. Uniformity in appearance is an objective across all the shows. CAOAC has opted to leave the year and specific class off such that ribbons may be reused and/or awarded to any last minute classes in the Show.

*Some uncertainty exists about how many ribbons are required which relates to the needs of Betta Breeders Canada - TBA Promotion:

*Nancy Egelton ordered 1 large new banner for CAOAC and 2 smaller ones with the new CAOAC logo. Some generic CAOAC business cards are also on order. All will be used as promotional materials at the Convention. *Catherine Salmon, Show Chair, proposed that some fish related businesses could be approached to sponsor classes etc and their sign would be displayed at the show as a return favour *Frank Aguirre, head of the Canadian Biotope Competition, will be creating a flyer to circulate advertising the Biotope Contest. He anticipates more than 10 entrants. *Promotion of the hotel and convention at the club level is key. If we sell 20 rooms, the hotel will deduct 20% from the cost of the banquet room to Caoac. _________________________ Item 7: Fish Rescue

*Ann Marie Towell, Second Vice President, reports she is inundated with fish rescue calls and receiving 4 per week on average.

*Ann Marie requests some fish rescue policy guidelines to be spelled out clearly online. Specifically, that we do not accept diseased fish, and to please indicate what community you live in and what type of fish need rescuing. *A subsequent General CAOAC meeting has been set for July 24 at 7h30pm to further Convention planning. All Executive will be reminded and invited again via email with the Zoom link. Adjournment: Nancy Egelton concluded the meeting at approximately 8h46pm.


Attendees: Nancy Egelton (President); Peter DeSouza (First Vice President); Ann Marie Towell (2nd Vice President); Albert van Montfort (Treasurer); Dave Holland (Recording Secretary); Carla MacDonald (HDAS Caoac Rep); Derek Hebbes (DRAS Caoac Rep); Catherine Salmon (BBC Caoac Rep); Ken Boorman (CAOAC Convention Show Chairperson); Lisa Boorman (Caoac Facebook Page Admin); Frank Aguirre (Cdn Biotope Contest); Jeff Mountjoy (BRASS) Apologies: Annie Girard (SAM); Lise Durocher (SAM); Phil Barratt (SCAAS); Cindy Golden-Barratt, Corresponding Secretary(SCAAS); Michael Beat, Webmaster (PRAC); Chris Biggs (ASW); Unrepresented clubs


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