President's Message

September 2018

Welcome back everyone!

We, the Executive of CAOAC hope that you have all had a wonderful summer.
I find September to always be an exciting time for us fish hobbyists.
After the lazy days of summer, itís now time to get back to the fishroom!

We at CAOAC have so much to talk about in the coming months but for now I will try
to stick to September.

At our first meeting of the year we will be talking about some changes we will be

The CAOAC website will be updated and will contain all the info you will need about
where to find your favourite clubs and fish related events.

We are also going to explore some new social media options such as twitter and
facetime meetings.

For shows coming up we have September 8 & 9, The Toronto Pet Expo. Several
Ontario clubs will have Representatives to give out info on their respective clubs. If
your club is looking for new members, this is the place to find them

Saturday, September 15, Hamilton District Aquarium Society fall Auction. This
is a big one. Not to be missed!

September 16- a very important date. The first CAOAC meeting of the season.

Hope to see as many club reps and members as possible. We have lots to talk about
and if you want to know what is happening ĖThis is where itís at!

September 22,Sarnia Aquarium Society has their fall auction,. So many great
deals to be had.

Then to top off September, we have the London Aquaria Society fall show and
auction. Donít miss a chance to show off your summer fish projects and win a prize!
We have so much to talk about but to hear more about this you will have to attend
the September CAOAC meeting in Waterdown.

Oh, and we may be taking our meetings on the road to reach more of our members.
More about this in October!

Cheers, Nancy
Nancy Egelton



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