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Updated May 1, 2014

The following is a process that has taken many years to compile. It is felt that a few people should be mentioned in regards to their contributions to this on-going project.

This was started many years ago as a resource to CAOAC Representatives, Executive and Committee Chairs. In its original format, a binder was created and given to various people with updates being sent out. It eventually grew to be a 4” binder that was very heavy and costly. However, over the years, binders were misplaced, updates weren’t received or filed and it was determined the existing format needed an overhaul. Moving into the millennium, Bob Wright, President of CAOAC at the time, asked the question “How can this be improved?” And so the revamping process started.

Thank you to all who contributed to the original documentation. Without all your hard work, this wouldn’t be what it is today.

  • Thank you to Phil Maznyk who said it was possible to create a CD with all the files from the binder in a much smaller and lighter format. The CD had a menu and his great pictures with some updates, including the new By-Laws. Phil was also the webmaster for awhile and created the website you see today.
  • Thank you to Char Brientmayer for taking the painstaking effort to retype everything to correct spelling errors and standardized the format throughout.
  • Thank you to the following people who contributed to updating the files:
    • Peter Melady – over 50 sections of Awards information
    • Ken Boorman – How To files, History
    • Barb Draper – Open Show

All listings of Award winners have been removed and are available upon request from the appropriate chair. See the Committee Chairs page for reference.

Hoping this continues to assist you as it has many others in the other formats.
Ann Stevens
Recording Secretary/Binder Chair


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