President's Message


October 2016

Don‘t eat too much Turkey,

I hope everybody has had a chance to take in some of the Fall Auctions and Shows. The London Aquaria Society had their auction at the end of September. The Auction was well attended as well as lots of great bargains for all. Hamilton Auction was well attended. They tried an idea and they had no used aquarium stuff to be sold on the regular tables so they offered renting a table and you could sell you stuff. As per usual there were some people who did not read the rules and brought their used belongings for auction and were sent in the right direction to either rent a table or pack back in your car. Then off to Kitchener and then St Catherines, then to Peel. Lots of miles and lots of great deals are out there for all. It is always nice to see old friends and meet new one’s. This is one of the exciting things about our hobby.

I have noticed that the attendance for the general meeting has been kind a light over the past few months. We can get a lot more done when we have representation from all the clubs and then this will stop the scuttlebutt of we never hear anything from CAOAC. Your club representative should be in attendance either by filling a chair or by using Skype to have your clubs voice heard. There are lots of things going on in all the member club’s that would wonderful if everybody knows, from Dinners and Guest Speakers and a whole bunch of other events, from the west coast to the east coast. So come out and join us and have your voice be heard.
The Hamilton Aquaria Society has gotten a full slate of speakers for the 2017 CAOAC Convention and the raffle tickets are soon to be sold for a chance to win your convention ticket. They are five dollars each and with every twenty that are sold then a draw will take place and the winner will get their convention ticket. Good luck to all.

We will be having our 50/50 Draw and the ever popular draw table so we can all either donate or buy some tickets for a chance to win what is on the tables. So come one all.
The shows and auctions are back,
Time to enjoy the fall,

Ron Bishop


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