President's Message for May 2015


Happy Mother's Day


It hardly seems like a year has passed, but our convention is now here. We’ve tried to make it interesting, and added some elements to pique your interest. I don’t think you will be disappointed when you attend this year, however, you may be if you don't attend.

Nominations were held and the Steering Committee has reported that no one else came forward to show an interest in being on the Executive. So we are keeping the same team. That doesn’t mean you can’t be a part. We’re always looking for people to take the various chair positions and of course , the more Club Representatives that attend, means we’re hearing what you club wants. If you’re interested in being a chair for a committee, or maybe just being part of it, contact anyone from the Executive and let them know.

The warm weather is here and I know some of you will be busy getting your ponds planned and set up.

Our CAOAC President’s barbecue is next month, June 28, please confirm that you will be attending so we can ensure we have enough. It will be a pot luck also. Last year was a good exchange of ideas, so come on out and be a voice. Last time I checked, an empty chair doesn’t really have much to say.

We have the survey results and we will be meeting in the summer to discuss some of the comments and see how we can action them.
May is also Mother’s Day, so don’t forget to thank you Mother. Without her, you wouldn’t be here!!

Look forward to seeing you at convention, it’s going to be a fun time. Till next time.

Ron Bishop
CAOAC President



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