President's Message for September 2014

Welcome back to the Fish room,

I hope everybody had a great summer and got rested up for the upcoming season ahead of us. With all the shows and auctions that are planned, we will all get those much needed additions. It is always nice to see old friends and meet new ones, this is one of the exciting things about our hobby.

First of all I would like to thank the CAOAC executive for all the support in the planning of the CAOAC Convention for next year. It seems that we have the plans in motion for a great weekend, from the speakers to the location. Details will be announced in the near future. Also we will be having draws for convention weekend tickets at as many venues as possible.

We have a full slate of executives for the upcoming year. Thanks to Peter Melady who stepped up and took the 2nd Vice - Presidents position.

The CAOAC Website can only be upgraded if the club info is sent to Ann Stevens or myself to forward to Ann, about the shows or the Auctions, or whatever club event is taking place. I get lots of calls regarding this information and I have to go on some of the clubs websites and it is not even there. At the next CAOAC meeting we can get this done, hopefully sooner,

Also if there are interested people we need some committee people to fill some empty spots. We will be having our 50/50 Draw and the ever popular draw table so we can all either donate or buy some tickets for a chance to win what is on the tables. So come one, come all!

The shows and auctions are back,

Time to enjoy the fall,

Ron Bishop



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