President's Message for April 2016

Spring is Here

CAOAC Convention is coming quickly!

Elections will soon be upon us so if anyone has a person they feel would make an addition to the present executive, put their name or your name in for the running. Contact Barry McKee, he is the person on the Steering Committee. Thanks to all.

We had a great meeting last month getting the Pet Expo planned and manned. Thank you to the people who helped out with this event, from the set up crew, to the people manning the both, to the take down crew. Thanks to Grant Crossman for his generous donation from the booths and aquariums and all the other work that he supplied to help us promote the fish hobby. Without him and his support we could not have been involved.

The Hamilton show and auction was a lot of fun and we got a few new fish for our fish room. We had a chance to meet with old friends and catch up with the good and the bad of the long winter. There is always lots of fun at whatever you are doing.

I would like to make a Presidents Challenge to the club Presidents to make a donation to the prize table at the convention. This has been done for a lot of years and it makes it more fun if some people win something. So if all the clubs make a donation we should have a nice prize table.
Thank you to Ed Bosker for another fantastic crock pot full of chili and also for looking after Annette making a special bowl for her with no tomatoes. All that were there got a belly full. The draws have been a lot of fun and we will continue with them. It is always nice when you can win something to take home. Thank you to all that have donated.

If your club has not sent a rep to the meetings you are missing out on all the news and goings on in the association. It opens doors to many with ideas and experiences and we can learn from the expertise of others. The CAOAC website is constantly being updated with information about all that CAOAC has to offer all the member clubs.

We are still looking for a club to take on the task of next year’s CAOAC Convention. If you know your club is interested, please get in touch with the executive and make it known, or come to the CAOAC meeting and present your club’s bid. It is a lot of fun doing the planning and there are always lots of people to assist. Please take the time to consider putting on the show.
Hope you got your ticket and room booked it sounds like we are going to have a fun weekend
Take a chance

Ron Bishop, President, CAOAC 

We are less than 60 Days away from the CAOAC Convention so hop on board and join us.  Also its London’s 60th Anniversary

We also need bids to host the 2017 convention. Please present your proposal by the Annual Meeting.






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