President's Message for December 2015

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to all

The last auction is done and it time to rest and get ready for next year’s round of getting great deals and parting with some of the babies we managed to raise from our purchases. St Catharine's had a great auction and lots of great deals for all. Also we had a great time at the Hamilton speaker night. Anton Lamboj put on a fascinating talk before and after supper. We really enjoyed hearing him talk about his passion for the hobby. CAOAC presented him with the Scientist of the Year Award. We all enjoyed the time with him and then we saw him again on the Sunday and is was fun meeting the man on a one to one, only wishing we could bend his ear for a little longer but he had a flight to catch to go home. It is a memory that Annette and Peter and I will truly never forget.

The London Aquaria Society executive has got the raffle tickets for a chance to win your convention ticket. They are five dollars each and with every twenty that are sold then a draw will take place and the winner will get their convention ticket .Congrats to Peter Da Sousa as winner of the second draw. Good luck to all.

Its time again for the membership and Insurance renewal, emails have been sent to all the clubs, if you did not receive yours get in touch with Albert or Ann Stevens and they could get it to you. Remember there is a late charge from the insurance company for the lateness of a few.

Also the club magazine should be entered for all that want to compete in this challenge. Send your entries to Ray Lucas at

All other award submissions should be ready for the date in the awards section. Good luck to those who participate.

We had a fair attendance last meeting and lots of great ideas came out. For those who don’t care to show up I guess you will have to put up with the ideas of those who do. We welcomed Barrie online through Skype at the last meeting.

Also this meeting is our Christmas Pot Luck Lunch. So it would be great if the tables are full of goodies we could enjoy. When the tables are full that means the chairs are full and then we get lots of communication from all the clubs and then we get more activity and fellowship from all. And that’s what is all about

If there are any clubs out there that have changes in executive please get the new information to us so we can update our records.

Time to put up the tree

Merry Christmas to all and a Fantastic New Year

Ron Bishop, President, CAOAC

PLEASE NOTE: NEWSLETTER AWARD: If you didn't see the minutes of the last two meetings that were included in the newsletters available online, please note in the Awards section, where and how to send your newsletters for inclusion for the Newsletter Award.




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